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Acacia Cooper - Brewmaster

Acacia with Dolly

It all began with a knuckle-cracking handshake and a fierce determination to take on the world! Acacia Cooper launched her brewing career by refusing to be ignored and by (gently, of course) brow-beating a fellow brewing colleague into giving her a paid-in-beer internship, transforming her passion for the craft brewing industry from a homebrewed, college hobby into an inspiring, perplexing and avid career.

Having worked at several brewpubs, including Snake River Brewing Co. in Jackson Hole, WY., and Standing Stone Brewing Co. in Ashland, OR., Acacia comes to Grants Pass most recently from the production brewery Anderson Valley Brewing Co. in Boonville, CA., where she was the lead R&D brewer and “cellar-human” extraordinaire. Acacia received her degree in biochemistry from Southern Oregon University, attended the American Brewers Guild’s Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering program in 2013 where she attained her Master Brewer training, and was awarded the Inge Russel Best Paper of 2013 from the Master Brewers Association of the Americas for her work on quantifying green-beer flavors produced during fermentation.

Acacia is now putting her years of experience to work at Climate City Brewing Company where she is brewing unique craft beers incorporating numerous local ingredients. Acacia is determined that Climate City Brewing Co. will go on the map as one of the most innovative, adventurous and creative breweries in Southern Oregon.