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Beer, Beer, Beer and more Beer!

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Available now, while supplies last

Rainie Falls Red ABV 5.5%       IBU 50

Deep copper color, malty notes of caramel and just enough pine and floral hop to give this classic ale a NW twist.

Bigfoot Bourbon Porter ABV 6.6%       IBU 32

At first subtle, a heavenly aroma of bourbon greets the palate. Accompanied by warming, spicy and sweet boozy flavors arising from Buffalo Trace and Bulleit bourbons, a robust, chewy malt body adds delicious curves to this beautiful brew.

Fireside Dark Ale ABV 6.8%       IBU 37

Warm, deliciously toasty, roasty aromas greet the palate like cherished family, complemented by delicate hops. 

Citrodora Strong Ale ABV 6.9%       IBU 37

A Galaxy and Citra hopped pale ale with a tea of citrusy Lemon Verbena added just before carbonation.

Hyperion Porter ABV 6.5%       IBU 32

Tall, dark and delicious. A full-bodied porter packed with flavors of chocolate, caramel, and just a bit of roast.

Rosa the Gose ABV 4.5%     IBU 18

Raspberry puree tints this light and delicate kettle-soured ale a delightful pink hue and lends exquisite notes of juicy, fresh fruit. 

Ted Tangerine IPA  ABV 6.0%       IBU 65

Over 100# of succulent tangerine puree added to the fermenter complements luscious Galaxy hops to bring forth this Totally Epic Delicious juicy and hazy IPA.

Nookie IPA  AVB 7.2%       IBU 80

El Dorado, Cascade and Amarillo hops lend aromas of pine and citrus, balancin resilient oat, Munich, and caramel malts. 

Nebula east-coast IPA  ABV 5.4%      IBU 7!

Galaxy hops transport you to a universe of astronomical hop flavor and aroma - with only a fraction of the bitterness thanks to late-kettle-hopping only and a massive dry-hop charge.

Raptor Creek Fresh Hop IPA  ABV 6.0%       IBU 60

Local fresh hops donated by Raptor Creek Farm dance on the palate with silky smooth caramel wheat. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each pint are donated to the Josephine County Food bank in recognition of the Farm's generous hop donation.

Brown-Chika-Bow-Wow ABV 8.1%       IBU 35

Turn on the Barry White, light a fire and get cozy with this sexy American Strong Ale. Smooth and round with just a hint of intriguing bitterness.

Hiker's Hefeweizen ABV 45.5%       IBU 11

A traditional German hefeweizen, this beautiful brew showcases delightful aromas of clove, bubblegum and banana.

Roguator Dopplebock ABV 7.0%       IBU 33

A traditional Dopplebock sporting golden honey notes and a hearty Munich malt bill tempered with a little pilsener malt.

Yellowbelly Blonde ABV 5.4%       IBU 21

Delicate hop and malt aromas blossom on the palate as you take your first sip of this refreshing, flowery blonde ale.